Studio Visits: mid-careers bloom at EFA. Wishing others would get that memo.

Marietta Hoferer and Dannielle Tegeder couldn’t be more different as artists. The former uses little more than reinforced packing tape and scissors, pencil and paper. Her compositions are grid based, Minimal, yet they welcome entropy (the tape gets yellow with time, and Hoferer likes that).

Tegeder makes large- and small-scale abstract compositions in all sorts of colors and configurations. There’s a lot of ‘hand,’ but there’s also a lot of concept behind them.

So I go from one studio to the next and what do I see? Two women with strong work ethics, and impressive oeuvres behind them. Mid-career artist just begging for their closeup. Look at their work tables. Hoferer:


Tegeder recently had a large solo retrospective at the Wellin Museum. Hoferer said, at the end of our studio visit, that she would push a little harder in following up a good lead for a show she wanted.
Why must studio visitors like myself, without brick and mortar galleries, push? Isn’t this obvious?
I wonder what curators and dealers are thinking when they go to EFA.

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