Studio Visit, Bushwick: Kristen Schiele is ‘In Progress’ — and That’s Good.


Why is that good? Bear with me for a moment, and look for yourself:




That first photo is of a Sol LeWitt wall drawing, in situ, at the Dia Foundation, ca. 2006.* Yes, I am cheating. Ilustrates a point I’d like to make, though, namely: that I see geometry Everywhere, even in works that are so contemporary, they’re barely even dry. Just like the ones you see here, taken in amazing artist Kristen Schiele’s studio.

I was glad she showed me works in stages where she’s still thinking of what to do next. I don’t need a pretty studio wall, all neatened up; on the contrary:

…I get better critical and aesthetic data from the
Process, the details–some of them, anecdotal.

BTW: Schiele’s pregnant, and working in her studio, so that’s Productivity 100% all cylanders.

Here’s what the studio’s supposed ta’ look like.

…which is nice, too.

*Lines to Points on a Grid, 1975 Photo, courtesy Dia Foundation.

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