Relaxed Geometries at Pocket Utopia

Triangles are resting comfortably within other triangles this hot July afternoon at Pocket Utopia gallery on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. And why not? Gallerist Austin Thomas gave artist Libby Hartle the nod to create not one, not two, but three separate iterations of her abstract installation work called, simply, Window Studies, and this is already version # 2.


The triangles, resplendent in bright pinks and warm reds, have responded with full cooperation–lying suggestively on their sides, nesting one-inside-another, and otherwise acting like they are quite happy with the scant, 36″ shelf of space that this aptly named gallery can provide.

In some cases, a single map pin is enough to pinion them into place. Is it about the elusive, esoteric implications of the Triangle (the Male element; Heaven and Earth; a 3-way love or family relationship?) brought down to earth? Or is it simply the formal fun that can be had with geometry?

The window piece, above, is accomplished with everyone’s favorite DIY straight edge: colored tape.

Catch it before July 17, when, according to gallery literature, all the triangles will be blue.

Surf’s Up, Pythagoras.


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