Mid-life writer works in fulfillment house, finds fulfillment sez NYTIMES

A recent talk with my bank branch manager, Nikhil Gadkari, and a short “life” story of a woman’s part-time job in the Times Magazine inspires me to share Recession stuff.

First off, the writer is one Beverly Willett, a former lawyer living in Brooklyn, who says of her $12 per hour holiday job:

“There was no way I could begin to whittle away at my substantial debt at that pay, and my physical and mental stamina make me a better sitter than a stander. But I needed to get back on my feet, and this was a way to start.”

Do you whittle away—in other ways?

There’s some Online JavaScript fun out there, like the credit card debt calculator at bankrate.com.

creditcarddebt calcAnd they’ve also got a home budget calculator on the same site.

There’s quizzle.com, which I haven’t used, but which has been recommended as a good way to see your credit score, et al.

quizzle.comMint.com is  a lot of fun. Well, as fun goes.


And I just like the name of the savings account smartypig.com.

Bright, happy interfaces are making navigating the shoals of this brooding, dark Recession seem less daunting. They just sorta make you want to read a blog about investing your $12.00!

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