Poem in Your Pocket Day is Thursday, April 18

My itinerary so far is: local coffee shop at 8AM with any helpers who care to join.

On to a bookstore, probably Court Street Books, in early afternoon.

Go to Williamsburg, probably Bedford Street area, near the mini-mall.
I will Tweet @TheSchmerl and use #pocketpoem to update.

Poems are already in pocket. Some by local unknown poets, others well known. I’m dividing them into topics, which thusfar include “dreams,” “friends,” and “silence.”

For example, this, on silence, from Ezra Pound’s “Ripostes” 1912:


WHEN I behold how black, im-
mortal ink
Drips from my deathless pen

ah, well-away !
Why should we stop at all for what I

think ?
There is enough in what I chance to say.

It is enough that we once came together ;
What is the use of setting it to rime ?
When it is autumn do we get spring

Or gather may of harsh northwindish



It is enough that we once came together ;
What if the wind have turned against the

rain ?

It is enough that we once came together ;
Time has seen this, and will not turn

again ;

And who are we, who know that last

To plague to-morrow with a testament !


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