Sorry to rip off the Wall Street Journal for artsy stuff, but their video on local hackerspot NYCResistor and Brooklyn’s MakerBot Industries (which is producing low-cost 3-D printers) is pretty instructive.

A robot at NYCResitor (Downtown Bklyn, near Fulton Mall) makes a Sazerac—a difficult drink to make, even for a human. It involves rinsing the glass first with absinthe, and then using two kinds of bitters (well, depends on who you talk to), along with the rye, et al. Hey, can a robot even find Peychaud’s?

Resistor, making drink
Resistor explanation, Sazerac

wsj makerbot explication
NYC resistor spot
Resistor explain

Like I said, reporting ripped off from WSJ, where you can read the entire article on tinkering, in all its glory. I can’t imagine that a drink made by a machine is anywhere near as good as a human’s (and, do we really need lots more plastic stuff?), but that’s another topic for discussion. In the meantime: Viva DIY!! Geeks Rule!