Curating, Not Crowd Sourcing: “GO:Curate”

GO!: Curate
a contemporary art initiative for Brooklyn 2012-2013

An open letter to arts professionals from:
Sarah Schmerler

Is the Brooklyn Museum out of touch with the landscape of contemporary art in its native borough? What sort of art would you show if you had access to its space, its power, its audience? Whose art would you recommend this important Brooklyn institution buy for its own collection, and why? 

Curating is an art — and in my opinion, an important creative endeavor that was silently passed over by the Brooklyn Museum’s 2012 “GO!” initiative. Though strong in former years in the field of contemporary curatorship (“Working in Brooklyn” 1997, 2004), the BM is now resorting the harvesting of statistics via crowd sourcing, winnowing this data down to create programming, and passing it off as an opportunity for contemporary practitioners. Studio doors were opened, but the door to a larger ‘Conversation’ — one that will actually sustain these artists — needs to be kept open as well.

My question is: Whom would you like to show? Write to me here, on FaceBook to “GO:Curate” or to

Our first show will be at:
Soapbox Gallery, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
It is Soapbox’s mission to show issue-oriented work and for the soapbox to function as a vehicle to inspire artists to ‘weigh in’ without the constraints of the commercial galleries and speak out. -jimmy greenfield, proprietor of soapbox

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